April 21, 2024
Helpful Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures You Should Know About Todd P. Briscoe DDS

A cosmetic dentist is a restorative dental practitioner who has extensively studied the concepts of smile design and dental materials to create what can be described best as works of art. The cosmetic dentist goes beyond restoring an individual’s teeth to their proper function, seeking to attain an excellent result based on the patient’s definition of beauty.

A cosmetic dentist can custom tailor and recommend a specific cosmetic dental plan using one or any number of these treatments based on factors like budget, desired results and much more – all aimed at the end goal of helping you sustain a healthy, beautiful smile for your entire lifetime.

Cosmetic dentistry is a broad category that encompasses a number of different dental procedures. There are a few procedures that are simple to recognize as cosmetic because they only impact how teeth look. Teeth whitening and porcelain veneers are types of procedures that will be almost always aesthetic. But, there are a few oral procedures that many persons are not aware fall into the category of cosmetic dentist usually try. Three types of this include dental implants, replacement of dark colored fillings, and full mouth reconstruction.

Dental implants

Dental implants are artificial and long term replacements for missing teeth. When you get yourself a dental implant it is put below the gums and into the bone. Eventually the bone and implant fuse to create a tooth replacement that is certainly very strong. There are a number of reasons you might need a dental implant. Assuming you have a missing tooth as a result of a personal injury a dental implant could be an option. Or, you may get dental care implants to displace teeth that were lost due to decay, illness, or aging. This process is considered cosmetic end up being cause it has a clear impact about how your smile looks. But, dental implants can impact much a lot more than how you look. They are able to protect your other pearly whites from shifting and allow you to eat comfortably once more. Dental implants can impression the appearance and function of your teeth so that it is the most transformative cosmetic dental procedures available.

Replacement of dark colored fillings

Advances in technology have led to the creation of tooth-colored fillings. These fillings are made with composite resins which are often designed to look more natural than the dark amalgam fillings. Tooth-colored fillings can be extremely durable and work in most situations. You can have your old dark fillings replaced with tooth-colored fillings for a more healthy appear. That is a cosmetic dental procedure that many people don’t realize. If the look of your dark fillings bothers you then this cosmetic procedure could be a good option.

Full mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is a major dental procedure that falls within the category of cosmetic dentistry. The goal of this procedure is to restore the look and function of your mouth. The scope of work that should be completed with this procedure will vary with each case. Oftentimes full mouth reconstruction is necessary as a result of a serious accident or surgery. That is considered cosmetic because it has an impact about how your smile looks. But, additionally it is a necessary process of some patients because it impacts work as well.

Many cosmetic dental procedures can fit into more than one category of dentistry. Any procedure that impacts how your smile looks can potentially go beneath the group of cosmetic dentistry. A dentist who offers aesthetic methods likely has a long set of options to meet various needs. The key to finding a dentist who can help you with your specific needs is to look especially at what that dentist offers. You can learn more about these services and others available at Todd P. Briscoe, DDS here.